Once Upon a Magic Book

For my first official review on this site I wanted to choose a special book and, having seen Daniel and Emma pour over this book this last week it was an easy choice.

Once upon a Magic Book is a classic search and find story as the reader follows Jack and Sophie as they go on an adventure. Each page presents a new puzzle for them to complete as well as a range of things to seek and find.

Image of the cover of Once Upon a Magic Book

The illustrations are divine and cover from edge to edge of the pages. There’s just enough story to give children a start, but it was lovely to hear Daniel and Emma make up their own stories as they searched for the items on the page. Each page is wonderfully rich in detail and the thirteen scenes have kept my two absorbed for a long time. Little Harry even got in the act and was busy spotting the things he recognised.

image of the cover of Once Upon a Magic Book


The cover almost shines and glimmers and each world is as exciting as the one before. Emma enjoyed spotting characters from the classic stories that she is familiar with and they both enjoted telling me more about what was going on in the pictures.

once upon a magic book

We do love a good search and find book and this is a lovely addition to the book case. You can’t help but be drawn in to the pages and the stories that they tell.

once upon a magic book


At the time of this review my children were almost six years, 4.5 years and 2 years old

Title: Once Upon a Magic Book

Author Lily Murray

Illustrator Katie Hickey

Publisher Lincoln Children’s Books (Quarto)

Publication Date 30 August 2018 (Hardback)

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