Please, Mr Magic Fish!

When I was little, we had an old thick hardback book that was full of classic tales. I can’t remember much about what this book looked like other than it was a big thick book and it lived on the bookcase with my parent’s books. My Dad would read me the stories in this book and it was full of classic stories, the sort of folk tales passed down over the years.

One of those stories that I remember vividly was The Fisherman and his Wife (and I wonder if my Dad can remember the description of the Fisherman’s home!). It’s a story that warns against greed, and wanting more and more and more. I was therefore thrilled that a copy of Please, Mr Magic Fish arrived.

please Mr Magic Fish by Jessica Souhami

The story, if you’re not familiar, is of a fisherman who catches a fish who, in return for being freed, promises to grant one wish. The fisherman and his wife cannot believe their luck, and each time they catch the fish they ask for something more.

It’s an absolutely brilliant tale about the dangers of being greedy and the illustrations are excellent in depicting the anger of the fish and it’s a lovely book to share and read aloud. As I’ve said in the past on my main blog site, the days of reading aloud to Daniel are passing now, but this is a book that he has so enjoyed me reading to him and it’s been lovely to watch him really understand the moral of this story.

The illustrations and art work by Jessica Souhami are really bright and bold and the silvery sparkle of the fish is fantastic, and has prompted the children to create their own fish to act out the story with.

image from Please, Mr Magic Fish


We were gifted this book by the publisher and at the time of this review, my children were almost six years, 4.5 years and 2 years old. This post contains affiliate links.

Title: Please, Mr Magic Fish!

Author Jessica Souhami

Publisher Otter-Barry Books

Publication Date 2 August 2018 (Hardback)

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