Raise the Flag

Since the World Cup earlier in the summer, Daniel has been really interested in flags and I knew it would be perfect topic for his geography fair study. I was also really pleased to see a new book published at the same time as his studies, Raise the Flag.

This is a superb book and it’s packed full of facts and trivia. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but this book does a really great job of talking about the different types of flags designs, naming the different parts of the flag and talking about some quirks that are specific to certain countries, Daniel was fascinated by the USA and how they ‘retire’ old and damaged flags.

raise the flag book

Each continent has a section in the book where each of the nations of that continent have their flag displaeyed along with a map depicting where on the globe they are. This was really useful for Daniel as he was focusing on the flags of the Spanish speaking countries so the section on South and Central America was helpful for him.

This is a great book to have on hand as it covers such a wide range of things – we will revisit this in the future I think and look at semophore and other things like historical flags too.

raise the flag book


We were gifted this book by the publisher and qt the time of this review, my son was almost six years old,This post contains affiliate links.

Title: Raise the Flag

Author Clive Gifford

Illustrator Tim Bradford

Publisher: QED

Publication Date 16th August 2018 (Paperback)

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