Where in the Wild

Environmental conservation is ever present in my children’s minds at the moment. Back at the start of the year they learnt about endangered animals and hosted a coffee morning to raise money for the animals affected. Emma has been completing a project about the habitats of the big cats and, of course, conservation has been discussed again.

Where in the Wild by Poppy Bishop and illustrated by Jonny Lambert is a lovely and gentle introduction to ideas of conservation, as the reader is taken on a tour of the habitats of the world’s animals.

The text is lovely to read – gentle rhymes that make it as easy to read as it is for children to listen to. The bold and colourful depictions of the various habitats draw children in, epecially as they look for the creatures who can exist in multiple habitats.

page from where in the wild book

For anyone wanting to make children aware of environmental problems and issues then this really is a great introduction. We have used this book as part of Em’s habitats of the big cats project and used Jonny’s illustrations as inspiration for different ways of presenting her habitat pictures, more of which we will share soon.

All in all I am really impressed with this book an how it tackles such complex issues for young children in such an accessible way.

page from where in the wild book

We were gifted this book by the publisher and qt the time of this review, my children were almost six years, 4.5 years and 2 years old. This post contains affiliate links.

Title: Where in the Wild

Author Poppy Bishop

Illustrator Jonny Lambert

Publisher Little Tiger

Publication Date 9 August 2018 (Hardback)

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