Review Policy

If you’re interested in me reviewing your books, please do contact me at or

I am always thrilled to hear from publishers, authors and illustrators about their books and any review opportunities. I cannot guarantee to review every book the children and I receive, but we do share a good number of them.

Books that I recieved from publishers, authors and illustrators free for review purposes are labelled on my social media platforms and this blog as #gifted. Books that have been reviewed for a fee will be labelled with the hashtag #ad, in line with the guidelines from the ASA.

I only accept print books as the children don’t engage with e-books, and there really is nothing quite like sitting down to explorea new books together – you can’t really achieve that with an ebook.

I try to tag publishers and authors and illustrators into social media posts if I can find the details and always send an email to the PR contact once a post is published.

As we home educate our children, I am often planning topics in advance, so if you’d be interested in seeing a list of planned topics for the next month or so please do let me know and I’d be happy to take a look at books that might feature in our unit studies and feature them in a blog post. I often produce round up posts featuring books on a theme, and I also share books we have used as part of our studies on my parent site – Let them be small.

I am also available to write content for other websites and to produce activities and learning guides to sit alongside books. If you’re interested in this, please do make contact and we can discuss options and pricing.